Learn how to seamlessly bring intuitive handwriting technology into your application with WRITEit.

Contextual Computing

Contextual Computing is changing the way users and their devices interact.

MUMT Computing

Develop for revolutionary new multi-user, multi-touch machines where two or more people can interact on the same machine.

Sensor Technology on Windows 8

Learn about Sensor Technologies available on Lenovo Windows 8 products.

Pen Technologies

Pen capabilities enhance the performance of enabled tablets and notebooks.


Learn the possibilities for developing specifically for Ultrabook.

LenovoEMC™ LifeLine™ Software

Software is the embedded storage stack that runs on LenovoEMC and Lenovo network storage products, as well as some legacy Iomega® network storage products.

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SXSW Eco creates a space for business leaders, investors, innovators and designers to advance solutions that drive economic, environmental and social change.

Game Developers Conference China
Game Developers Conference China

The Game Developers Conference® China (GDC China), serves this thriving region by focusing on the challenges of game development across borders.

The Lenovo Developer Program gives you the access, support and channels you need to develop and deploy your Windows 8 applications for Lenovo machines.  Regardless of device type, Lenovo’s multiple app discovery points such as the Windows 8 Store, Lenovo Picks + Yoga Picks, as well as the Lenovo Companion App, give your app global exposure and an even greater chance of succeeding.

Lenovo, a leading worldwide PC manufacturer, is building out a world-class application ecosystem to provide the most optimized and useful apps to its user base. Our innovations in technology drive the ability for developers to unleash their creativity within the functionality of their apps.
Registering for the Lenovo Developer Program gives you early access to Lenovo innovations in technology and offers the best way to reach Lenovo’s consumers with your applications.
Register here and let’s drive innovation together!