Dev of the Week: Dieter Schoeller, Managing Director- HeadUp Games

December 9, 2014 3:12 PM | Posted By: Krista Summitt & Terence Ng1


1. "Tell us about your background, Dieter. How did you get started with app development?"

"We are working in a joint venture spirit with all our studios. In 2012 one of our closest partners and us  developed the PC game Bridge Constructor, and we decided that this would be the perfect product to enter the mobile space. We have been very fortunate as this title went to #1 in over 30 countries including the USA, has received over 30 million downloads and enabled us to enter the app development space with a great flagship title."


2. "What would you say are your proudest moments?"

"So many, but to name a few: The award for Best German Game in 2014, and being awarded as best German publisher in 2012 and 2013."


3. "What are your goals in the next 5 years for Head Up Games?"

"We are looking into entering the free to play market with the first projects, expanding into the field of digital console and would like to expand our reach to more players worldwide to bring them new and exciting games for all devices."

4. "What has been the best thing about working with Lenovo for you?"

"We have enjoyed a highly personal and pleasant business relationship, and personally, I am a huge YOGA fan boy so it feels great to see our own projects well promoted on this specific channel."


5. BONUS QUESTIONS (for fun!):


 "What are the top 3 websites you have bookmarked or in your RSS reader?",,


"What book is currently on your nightstand or in your eReader?"

Stephen King 11/22/63


"What's the last album or song you downloaded/streamed?"

Weezer - Everything Will Be Alright in the End


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