You CAN judge a book by its cover…

February 26, 2015 11:29 AM | Posted By: Kristiana Gerringer

1.Know Your App Ecosystem

a.Well-designed icons should take into account the overall design theme of the application ecosystem.  Specifically for the Windows Store with its focus on content and typography, the same app icon used for other OS may not fit in.

b. Who is else in the app ecosystem has a similar app as you and what does their icon look like? (You should always know your competition.)

2.Size Matters

a. Start large; it is easier to start with the bigger size and then resize down for the varying resolutions.

b. Resize down and tweak; this will enable you the opportunity to polish the smaller sizes as scaling down proportionally may reduce the design commitment on certain details.


a. Going back to our topic from last time: Keep It Simple Silly.  Overly complex icons lose definition and become unnoticeable in the sea of apps in the store.

b.An easy-to-remember logo makes an easier to remember app, makes a more iconic icon.  If your brand or logo has a symbol element, then definitely try to use that as your icon’s main element, it will help you be instantly recognized by people in your audience and it will keep your branding consistent across platforms.

4.Be Bold

a. Make your design bold; focus on a basic concept and try to ensure it really jumps out at you.

b. Text can really detract from icons, breaking up striking shapes with unnecessary details often dilute the overall impact.  If you do use text, it has to be large and a part of the design – not simply pasted over it, or even worse, long descriptive text.


What other design tips have you tried that worked for you?

 Post them here in the comments. Thanks.

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