April Developers of the Month: Jared Zoneraich and Edmon Berry

April 21, 2015 10:55 AM | Posted By: Krista Summitt


  Jared Zoneraich                    Edmon Berry 

We’re going a bit off script with the Developer of the Month for April, but with good reason! WE decided to honor the founders of the largest student-run hackathon in the country, Hack BCA in Hackensack,NJ at Bergen County Academy high school – Jared Zoneraich and Edmon Berry. Coming off of their 2nd annual hackathon, Jared and Edmon sat down with us to talk about how they got started, their goals, and which one of them is a Childish Gambino fan.

Names: Jared Zoneraich and Edmon Berry

Title: Founders of hackBCA

Business Name: hackBCA

Business Location(City/State/Province/Country): Hackensack, NJ

5 Questions with Edmon Berry and Jared Zoneraich,                 Founders of hackBCA 

1. Tell us about your background guys. How did you get started with app development?

JARED: "My first introduction to computer science and programming was at ID Tech Camp during the summer of seventh grade. I instantly became enthralled with thenotion that black and white logical statements can be transformed into real products.Although it was nothing more than if statements in C++, I became much more interested in computer science. Through the hackathons I attended, classes in school from Introduction to Python to Data Structures, online courses focusing on website development, and summer internships, I learned more about development and began to identify as a hacker."

EDMON: "I got into computer science in my freshman year. It was very hard and intimidating to learn at first because it seemed very complex and monotonous. Afterhearing about hackathons and the potential to create something that I was passionate about, I not only had the desire to attend one, but also start one of my own. I actually did not attend my first hackathon until a couple weeks after hackBCA where I was able to build a music queueing app with one of my friends. From there I went on attend 4 more hackathons before organizing the second rendition of hackBCA."

2. What are your proudest moments?

EDMON: "My proudest moments were seeing how inspired many people were after hackBCA to learn how to code and even start their own hackathons. I’ve been askedby many young, ambitious high schoolers for advice on starting a hackathon on their own and am glad that I can contribute to this movement."

JARED: "Seconding what Edmon said, the feeling of watching hundreds of high school students be introduced to programming and develop their first app is unparalleled. Also,  I’m pretty proud that I was able to stay up for the whole duration of my first hackathon. During my freshman year of high school I attended TechCrunch’s NYC Disrupt hackathon, and there I first started learning about web development."

3. What are your goals in the next 5 years?

EDMON: "In the next 5 years I plan to go to college to study business/finance. I would also like to combine this with my technical background to find a career that embodies all of my strong suits. I also want to use this knowledge to continue to change lives and inspire others to continuously improve the world."

JARED: "Currently I plan on attending college and pursuing computer science. My goal for the next 5 years is to make a positive impact in the world. Whether that is in the form of showing more students that they have the power to turn their ideas into reality through code, or through a mode yet unknown to me, I hope to make a positive change in many lives."

4. What has been the best thing about working with Lenovo for you?

EDMON & JARED: "Lenovo has been a wonderful company to work with. From when we first reached out, they have been instrumental in helping contribute to making hackBCA a success. We kept in contact for months to ensure that sufficient mentors were provided as well as opening opportunities for students to borrow hardware tomake their experience even better. We are so glad that hackBCA was able to partner with Lenovo to increase the overall experience of hackers at hackBCA II."

5. BONUS Fun Questions

What are the top 3 websites you have bookmarked or in your RSS reader?

JARED: "Facebook, Gmail, Hacker News"

EDMON: "Powerschool (my school’s online gradebook), Reddit, Facebook"

What book is currently on your nightstand or in your eReader?

JARED: “Zero to One” by Peter Thiel

EDMON: "Stock Investing for Dummies"

What's the last album or song you downloaded/streamed?

EDMON: "I just downloaded the Furious 7 Soundtrack, it makes great driving music."

JARED: "Because the Internet by Childish Gambino."


Got a question for Edmon and Jared, or want to follow them online? Connect in one of the following ways:

Company website: www.hackbca.com

Twitter Handle: @hackbca, @imjaredz

Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/BCAhackathon

Company Instagram ID: @hackbca


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