Meet Our New Technical Expert Jonas Hendrickx

September 30, 2015 12:15 PM | Posted By: Krista Summitt

Introducing our new LenovoDev expert developer Jonas Hendrickx! Jonas will be helping drive discussions on the developer forums, code samples, and contributing blog posts.  

About Jonas

Hendrickx, who resides in Belgium,  is a 25-year old software engineer. He started his programming career by modifying Half-Life 2 source code, which wasn’t very easy considered not having prior programming experience. After that he started to experiment with .NET and eventually with Android while he was doing his higher education in software engineering in 2009. You may also know Jonas from the website ThinkScopes where he is administrator. ThinkScopes is a website or community founded by Jin Li, where passionate ThinkPad fans come together to write or talk.

Joining the Lenovo Insider Program

Jonas became a member of the  Lenovo INsider program in May 2013, few months after he purchased his Lenovo IdeaPad Y500. He spends a lot of time in the Lenovo hardware forums helping people with problems. After he became a Lenovo IN sider, he met a lot of interesting people, among these people are ThinkPad fans, who always kept talking about their ‘black boxes’. They were telling stories about how much they loved the keyboard and design. Most of them also purchase old/classic ThinkPads to refurbish them to sell or use for themselves. Eventually this rubbed off on him, and he also became a  ThinkPad enthusiast, leading him to purchase his first system, a W530. After this he picked up an  X1 Carbon Gen 2, a ThinkPad Yoga, ThinkPad Helix, and eventually the ThinkPad W540 (which he uses as his main machine.) His favorites are the  ThinkPad Yoga and ThinkPad W-series (P-series)

What he loves about the  W540 is it’s light, reliable, durable, fast, and there is plenty of RAM for virtualization.   

Since July 2014, Jonas won the prestigious ‘Windows Consumer Expert’ Microsoft MVP award (now Windows Experience) two times.Currently,  Jonas’  interests include web development and mobile development. We are thrilled to have Jonas volunteering to support our LenovoDev members.


Fun Fact: If you need advice to find a good beer,Jonas  has tried over 300 unique Belgian beers over the past 3 years.


Find Jonas Online At:

Lenovo Forums: Lenovo Forums

Twitter @jonashendrickx

Blog: ThinkScopes

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