WRITEit 2.0 Now Delivers Power of the Pen For All Touchscreens

January 4, 2016 3:06 PM | Posted By: Krista Summitt

LenovoDev launched its WRITEit Certification program early in 2015 to give our developers an opportunity to differentiate their app without a huge investment in porting. As you can see in this post, Lenovo is continuing to expand and promote this technology on more devices, giving you more discovery opportunities for your app--Editor.


When Lenovo first introduced WRITEit in 2015, we had a simple goal: make it fun and easy to use your pen-based machines.  We wanted to create an experience that went above and beyond what the base operating system offered by letting users freely insert their handwriting into any field that would normally only accept text based input.  Our Lenovo fans and users gave us a lot of feedback this year across the various ThinkPad and Lenovo products, and that feedback let us continue to refine and enhance the applications’ performance.

If you’re not familiar with how WRITEit transforms the power of pen on the touchscreen, learn more here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kk8l_4f9_Ww

Today, in advance of CES, we’re announcing a major addition to our WRITEit offering with a new set of features built around truly writing anywhere on the screen.  On traditional Windows PC’s not equipped with WRITEit 2.0, users have an inconsistent experience limited and managed through separate applications.  By utilizing WRITEit 2.0’s virtual canvas layer, users can now freely annotate using their digitizer pens or with their finger on touch-based machines. This new mode allows a living environment you can interact with in a new and exciting way – you always have the ability to quickly annotate, clip, and share information. 

Lenovo WRITEit 2.0

We built WRITEit 2.0 from the ground up to take advantage of specific Lenovo hardware, and it works best with such offerings as the X1 Carbon Tablet and the Miix 700.  However, we heard the requests of the non-Lenovo users and decided to give all Windows PC users the opportunity to share in this experience.  Starting in February 2016, we’re making WRITEit 2.0 available for all touch and pen-based machines in the PC ecosystem atwww.getwriteit.com.   

To submit your app for certification visit the WRITEit technology page. 

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