Let Your Users Write Anywhere With WRITEit 2.0

February 19, 2016 3:21 PM | Posted By: Krista Summitt
What's New:
No need to port your existing code to enable WRITEit
Users can now write everywhere, not just in text fields. 
Write with your finger or a pen.
Now runs on any Lenovo PC device running Win8 or Win 10
Lenovo created WRITEit to make it easier (and more fun) to use our pen-enabled devices. Since we 
irst released the app, we listened closely to user feedback and added a new feature that we 
think will give them a more consistent (and fun!) experience, AND make it easier to differentiate 
your app. 
You asked for it. Here it is.
Users told us they didn’t just want to write in text fields. They wanted to write everywhere. So, 
the WRITEit developers went to work and created a virtual canvas layer, which allows them to 
write on any area of the screen. 
Using a digitizer pen or their finger, they can draw, scribble, annotate, or jot notes anywhere.
The beauty of WRITEit is that it turns whatever’s on the touchscreen into a canvas. Add notes and 
marks to any kind of document, photo, webpage, and more. Or create a blank canvas and write or 
draw anything they want! When they’re done, they can save their work as an image and share it or 
save it to their device.
More ways to use a pen – or your finger
WRITEit works in any web browser or app – if what you want to write on is displayed on the 
screen, you can write or draw on it. An enhanced app menu includes 12 pen colors in three widths and four highlighter colors along 
with an eraser. With more tools and capabilities, WRITEit adapts to your lifestyle with many uses, including:
Exchange ideas and share posts
Make edits easy (and fast)
Express your ideas on photos
Mark up documents or presentations
Play word games and puzzles
Correct homework
Doodle and sketch
Make lists
Support for more devices so you can write anywhere
Before, you could use WRITEit only on specific Lenovo computers and tablets with active pen technology. No more. WRITEit now works on any Lenovo device with a touchscreen running Windows 8.x and 10.
Next steps
The good news is WRITEit doesn’t require you to port your code to work with your existing app. 
If you’d like to have your app listed on the WRITEit page:
1. Download WRITEit and try it out with your app. It’s 100% free. 
2. Log in to your LenovoDev profile and update the Technologies section by checking WRITEit. 

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