Getting started with multi-touch development on Windows 10

May 31, 2016 9:04 AM | Posted By: Jonas Hendrickx

Finding the right resources to get started for multi-touch development in Windows 10 is important to reach your goal. For this we've put together a tutorial that will get you started with basic touch interactions such as low level touch input and gestures. The tutorial below will cover multi-touch in C#. DirectX will not be covered and will be avoided in this tutorial. To use DirectX with C#, you may want to take a look at SharpDX. C++ programmers don't need SharpDX.


  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2015: If you do not have a subscription, download the 'Community 2015' edition for free.
  • Windows 10 SDK: Note that it may already be installed by Visual Studio.
  • A laptop, convertible or tablet which has a multi-touch display.


Building your first multi-touch app


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