The Family Code: Revel Software's Nick and Kristen Lamb build a winning app

August 30, 2016 11:54 AM | Posted By: Krista Summitt
This week LenovoDev sat down to talk via Skype with the runner-up winner of our Multi-Touch Multi-Hack online hackathon, Nick Lamb of Revel Software. Based in Denver, CO, Nick and his wife Kirsten created a multi-touch digital piano app for Windows called “Piano Time”. 
Nick Lamb of Revel Software
Lenovo Dev: First Nick, why don’t you tell us how you got started with app development? 
Nick: I’ve done development in the web space for the last 10 or 11 years. It’s just been in the last few years that I started doing Windows development and building apps. 
LD: I think you’re the first husband/wife coding team I’ve interviewed for the site. How do you divvy up the work? 
Nick: Well, I’m the technical/coding arm, and Kirsten handles QA and marketing. She’s a lot more on the UI design, art, and marketing/creative side. 
LD: People may be surprised to know you’re not a pianist, but you built an award-winning piano app. What inspired you?
Nick:  I was thinking of something to make, and I had played with some of the sound apps for Windows phone… so just taking some of that learning that I learned from the sound apps. 
LD: What challenges did you run into while you were developing? Any best practices to share with our members? 
Nick: I think the hardest part… it’s the coolest part but it’s the hardest part, is developing for any number of devices and form factors. Figuring out how to do your layout for anything from a phone to a huge touch screen tablet…and you know input options….basically handling that.
LD: So what’s the customer feedback been like on Piano Time so far?
Nick: People love it. They seem to like the features, especially the ease of use. One thing people really like is the responsiveness… (They say) the time to first sound is a lot faster than other piano apps. 
LD:  What’s next for Revel Software and Piano Time? Any upcoming apps you want to announce?
Nick: For Piano Time, we are looking at new sound types…maybe an organ. Also possibly some sheet music-type stuff.    As far as Revel Software’s next app, we’re looking at a photo booth-type application you can use for an event (such as wedding receptions, proms, etc.). Users can enter their phone number and get the pic they just took texted to their phone.
We want to thank Nick for his time and congratulate Revel Software again for winning runner-up in our online hackathon.
You can connect with them on Twitter @nick_lamb or at  http: //

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