Using Common Senses

Intel® RealSenseTM technology will change how you interact – not simply with your devices, but with the world around you.

Intel Video Interview with Hope Lab

Making gaming a force for good.  HopeLabs developed online gaming that, in a fun and non-threatening way, helps children with cancer learn how to take their meds. In this video, Richard Tate of HopeLabs advises developers on creating and positioning apps for success in the healthcare market.

Intel Interview with Tribal Nova's Pierre Le Lann

The ABCs – and more – on developing mobile apps for the education market. This interview with Pierre Le Lann, Co-General Manager and Co-Founder of Tribal Nova, reveals valuable tips for developers. In addition, there are links to a number of websites with pertinent content.

Intel Interview with MasterCard's Garry Lyons

Mobile devices are expanding the horizons of developers. In this article, MasterCard’s Chief Innovation Officer Garry Lyons describes some of the exciting new apps MasterCard is powering and offers advice to developers to help them find success.

Intel Interview with MasterCard's Dave Butler

How to be more nimble using OpenAPI. Check out this article, an interview with Dave Butler, MasterCard VP and Senior Business Leader. Learn how the OpenAPI movement allows you to really focus on the user experience (which is always how people judge your app).