Ready. Set. Develop.

Whether you’re part of a corporate team or developing on your own, out of the metaphorical garage, Lenovo wants to help you to turn your ideas into reality. Once your app is finished, we offer multiple tools to showcase it, give it the global exposure it deserves, and drive discovery. These “discovery points” include: Windows Store, Lenovo Picks and the Lenovo Companion App.


Individual Registration

Partner with Lenovo, the #1 PC manufacturer on the planet, to bring your concept to life. We have the development tools, tips, news and SDKs you need to build great apps. Once your app is ready for market, Lenovo is there to help maximize your investment.

Corporate Registration

Open to organizations that want to work with and develop for Lenovo and need access to Lenovo tools, technologies and SDKs. Register and manage up to 10 developers under one corporate account.