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Multi-User, Multi-Touch Computing Has Arrived

Lenovo has taken the lead in the multi-user, multi-touch category with the introduction of the Lenovo Yoga Home series  of multi-mode Table PCs and the Flex 3 dual-mode laptop. Both represent a significant departure from the desktops and laptops of old, and open up a world of opportunities for developers. On the Yoga Home series , the unique Aura Interface allows multiple people to use the same device simultaneously, making togetherness more interactive than ever. The Flex 3 offers dual-mode flexibility,a multi-touch screen and portability for fun and games in any room of the house.

Below are just a few of the many multi-user, multi-touch features offered on Yoga Home and Flex 3, which developers can leverage.


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The Yoga Home series is designed to be touched with all ten fingers, letting users enjoy greater precision and accuracy and ease of use on 10-point multi-touch displays, optimized for Windows 8 and Windows 10. The screen adjusts from 10-90 degrees, and users rely on intuitive gestures to discover movies, educational apps, games and more.


When theYoga Home is in Table Mode, two or more people can simultaneously access and interact with games, video content, music, movies, and more, using touch and gesture technology. The Aura Interface completely revolutionizes poker nights, classic board games, or air hockey, and creates endless possibilities for developers.


As the newest member of the award-winning Yoga Home PC family, the Yoga Home 2s offers a 19.5" diagonal form facter, which  brings users the Yoga Home experience in a slimmer package. They can still enjoy your multi-touch app via the unique Aura interface, in a more portable device.

Use as an all-in-one PC with the wireless keyboard, mouse, and charging stand or lay it flat in tabletop mode to enjoy an unprecedented multi-user experience.

Keep the Yoga Home 2s charged with the available charger stand that features a charger indicator light and magnetic pogo pin connector for easy attachment and removal. Its angle adjustment function makes for comfortable use and viewing. Aura turns your PC to a social device that brings users together around a single screen to enjoy multi-user apps and multimedia when in tabletop mode.

Experience crystal-clear web chats from the comfort of your living room with integrated 2MP HD webcam and dual digital-array microphones.

The 27” Yoga Home 900 boasts a multi-mode form factor, and can easily transform itself from an an All-in-One desktop PC while in Stand Mode, to a flat, multi-user table PC in Table Mode. Users choose the mode they need: stay in Stand Mode and stay productive. Or, switch to Table Mode and bring people together for a night of entertaining fun.


Lenovo's multi-mode laptops offer thin and light touchscreen laptops with multiple ways to engage; classic laptop mode for maximum productivity, stand mode for an optimal touch experience, tent mode for gaming & entertainment, and tablet mode for extra mobility and practicality.


Physical accessories on the Lenovo Yoga Home allow users to interact with the screen in entirely new ways.


Users shake and roll the e-dice just like real dice and the outcome is experienced on the screen. The dice feature an interactive battery and can easily be charged via the USB port. Up to 3 separate e-dice can be used at the same time.


Users attach the joystick right on the Horizon’s touch-screen surface and start the gameplay. No wires or cables are required. Up to 4 joysticks can be used simultaneously.


The striker slides around right on top of the Yoga Home 900's 27” surface, allowing users to play interactive games such as Lenovo Air Hockey. Up to 4 strikers can be used at once, with no wires or cables required.