Lenovo Health is on the path to revolutionizing the customer experience. Combining the strength of Lenovo’s end-to-end hardware portfolio with the industry’s leading independent software and hardware vendors.


What is the Lenovo Proven Portal for Health?

  • The portal is the central hub for all healthcare certification across Lenovo's portfolio of products. This will be a worldwide certification portal, where potential clients and channel partners can find out what Lenovo products work best with an ISV or hardware partner.

What if I don’t find an ISV or hardware partner that I am looking for?

Are there any costs or fees associated with joining the program?

  • No. There is no cost to a vendor or Channel Partner to join the program.

Why should I certify my software or hardware with Lenovo and what are the benefits?

  • Customer: Peace of mind knowing that Lenovo has worked with the vendors listed to provide an exceptional, seamless user experience.
  • ISV & Hardware Partner: Unleashes the global team of Lenovo Sales Reps, Channel Partners to market the HW/SW solution with confidence.

How do I get my software or hardware certified on a Lenovo device?

  • If you would like to have your software or hardware certified please email Ryan Warren at rwarren@lenovo.com, who will to begin the certification process.

What if I don't certify my software or hardware, but just provide minimum specs?

  • No worries! You can still register and receive the benefits of the portal. Lenovo will match your minimum specs to our HW portfolio, and deem the platform "Compatible". We would still like to work with you on highlighting KSPs and enhanced information (e.g. Good/Better/Best) to reflect in the portal.

Why should I choose to partner with Lenovo Health?

  • Lenovo is the largest PC company worldwide, recognized as the leader for innovation and quality. Lenovo Health is passionate and forward-thinking—we aim to help “make order out of IT chaos” for Healthcare professionals in order to facilitate improved care outcomes.
  • By working closely with our software and hardware partners, we can enable healthcare professionals enhanced efficiencies, facilitate collaboration, and keep them on the forefront of industry & technological advancements.

What is the Lenovo Proven Loaner Program?

  • The Lenovo Proven Loaner Program is for vendors that would like to request Lenovo devices to test their software. You will fill out an online form to request devices to our third-party provider (Vernon Computer Source) who administers our loaner program. They will send the request to us and we will either approve or deny the request. If the loan is approved, Lenovo will cover the cost for the first 30 days, after that Vernon will charge the vendor for the additional time.

What is the difference between Compatible & Certified?

  • The difference between Compatible and Certified comes down to the hours of testing performed by either the vendor or Lenovo engineers. Hardware compatible means the ISV publishes a list of minimum specifications that are need to run their software on a device. Certification means the software has gone through testing on a particular device and has passed all the tests. Certification ensures your most critical applications will run reliably on your chosen hardware, providing optimal performance and a high-quality user experience.

What are the benefits of registering if I am a Channel Partner?

  • Registering as a Channel Partner will allow you to search all the vendors in the database and find out what device is compatible and recommended for that particular software or hardware vendor to support your customer conversations.

How do I register for the Certification program?

  • You can register here.